Become a Dealer

Becoming a dealer with Gorilla Rides EV has never been easier! As a competitive brand, we are dedicated to bringing people together through the sport they love and the connections they cherish. Now, we invite you to join us and be a part of our family as we expand and create amazing experiences for our customers. At Gorilla Rides EV we're leading the green evolution with our innovative Golf Carts. Equipped with incredible technology gadgets and powered by 100% eco-friendly lithium batteries, our carts are not only reliable but also environmentally conscious. Plus, we offer a generous 5-year warranty.

  • Partnership with one of the golf cart companies with the most projection in the market
  • Golf carts with modern design, performance and high quality
  • Marketing content and support
  • Customer service and business support
  • Promotional material
  • Long warranty period

  • Company focused on selling golf carts or cars
  • Companies located in: Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee
  • You will require a minimum investment of $20.000

Common Questions

We provide support and training for our new dealers, this includes product knowledge training, sales and marketing strategies, and ongoing support to ensure their success.

Become a dealer of Gorilla Rides EV provides you with numerous benefits, You'll have access to our innovative Golf Carts, a strong and trusted brand reputation, competitive pricing and a support network of fellow dealers.

The process of becoming an official dealer will be consolidated soon. Approximately 15 days you will be able to start enjoying all the benefits of being a dealer.

No, the process of becoming a distributor does not mean any additional cost

We provide our dealers with a rang of marketing and promotional materials to support their sales efforts. This includes brochures, catalogs, social media content and guidance on effective marketing strategies.