The Next Generation

At Gorilla, we understand that finding the perfect combination of quality and affordability can be difficult. So we have made it our goal to provide all of this in our new G Series that goes beyond each journey and transforms into a lifestyle. Find in the G Series, a golf cart that suits all your needs, with the best performance and top quality.

Discover the G Series and all of the features that will give you the best experience and enjoy the next generation of Golf Carts.

Go in green

The Gorilla G Series, Go in GREEN! Powered by the Best in Class Lithium Battery. Providing Efficient Performance in Every Ride.

Gorilla Secures Tesla's Lithium Supplier China's Ganfeng Lithium to Build the Most Efficent and Powerfull Battery.

Best in Class Warranty, 5 years Full Replacement.

Best In Class 5 Year Limited Warranty

The Gorilla G Series carts come with a 5 YEAR limited consumer warranty and run on Ganfeng LiEnergry Lithium Ion batteries.  Ganfeng LiEnergry Lithium Ion batteries offer a BEST IN CLASS 5 Year full replacement warranty through Gorilla. Ganfeng, the world's top lithium company by market capitalization, has already supplied battery-grade lithium to EV producers. 

Ganfeng is currently in contract with Tesla and is supplying them with battery-grade lithium.  At Gorilla we are proud to have teamed up with  Ganfeng LiEnergry to supply our batteries, which we believe are not only best in class, but truly the best in the market!  Our battery warranty says it all, as there is no prorate on it through the lifecycle of the battery!   


The new go green generation is here! Explore its new features, performance and power with its lithium battery