General Questions

If you've purchased from one of our authorized dealers, you can avail warranty services for your golf cart through them. In the event of relocating to a different city, rest assured that your Gorilla Rides EV warranty remains valid. Our 5-year battery warranty provides coverage no matter where you are. Regardless of your current location, any of our official Gorilla Rides locations can help you with this matter.

You can easily locate your nearest authorized dealers on our website at ->Find a Store.

Please avoid operating the cart on sandy beaches or rugged dirt areas, as it isn't designed for these conditions and might result in damage or complications.

No, it's important to avoid submerging the cart in water or exposing the electronics to moisture in order to ensure proper functionality and prevent potential damage.

At Gorilla Rides EV, we offer the option to customize your cart according to your preferences. Whether you're looking for speakers, LED light kits, enclosures, golf bag holders, cup holders, or any other add-ons, we've got you covered. You can easily purchase your customized items either in-store or through our official spare parts shop at https://gorillaridesshop.com/

Absolutely! You can call us at (561) 515-5100 or check out our shop at: https://gorillaridesshop.com/ to explore our wide range of accessories and parts.

The cart charges to 100% in 4 hours or less. The battery will start discharging at about 4% per day if the hibernation button isn't activated, and around 1.5% if it's on. For safety, our batteries reach 100% when the battery charger stops and auto-discharge begins. If a lithium battery is overcharged and additional current is pushed back while driving, the cart will shut down. Our system is designed to prevent this issue safely.

When electric carts won't be used for an extended period, it's recommended to store them in a cool, dry, and ventilated environment, following electrical product requirements, to prevent exposure to sun, rain, dust, etc.

While highways are not allowed, you have the option to register the cart as a Low-Speed Vehicle in Florida, enabling you to drive it on roads with speed limits of 35 MPH or lower.

As a golf cart, the maximum speed is 19 miles an hour. As a low speed vehicle, they can reach up to 25 miles an hour, but they will require adjustments before hand.

Battery Questions

  • Check battery terminals for corrosion or loose connections before and after each charge.
  • Use only the onboard charger designed for the cart to charge the battery. Other chargers should not be used.
  • Ensure the cart is turned off and not drawing electrical current while charging.
  • Avoid charging the batteries in temperatures above 130 degrees.
  • Add distilled water if necessary.
  • Check the battery water level after each charge.
  • Add water to the top of the plates before charging.
  • Never charge the battery with the tops open or exposed to air.
  • Check and inspect battery terminals for corrosion or loose connections before and after each charge.
  • Fully charge the battery at least once every 30 days.
  • Keep batteries fully charged.
  • Use only the onboard charger provided with the cart to charge the battery.
  • Make sure the cart is turned off and not drawing electrical current while charging.
  • Avoid charging the batteries in temperatures above 115°C degrees.
  • Do not discharge the battery or batteries below 20%.

Warranty Questions

  • 5 years: Ganfeng Lithium Ion Battery, BMS System, frame, structural welds, front A arms, brake caliper structure, front spindles. Non-OEM wheels void suspension parts coverage
  • 3 years: Controller, body panel deformations (excluding cracks, paint, and contact damage), seat belts, properly maintained battery cables, wheel hubs, rack and pinion.
  • 2 years: Motor, e-Brake, on-board charger, pedal assembly, brake master cylinder and lines, front and rear disc brakes, seat armrests, seat hinges, rear seat kit, steering column, shocks, leaf spring, steering gearbox, bumpers (without contact damage), transaxle, switches and housings, headlight and tail light assembly (excluding bulbs), DC converter, main wiring harness, turn signal assembly. Note: Seat cushions excluded; water or corrosion in electronics voids warranty.
  • 1 year: Windshield, fender flares, forward and reverse switch, voltage regulator, roof, mirrors, power steering, tie-rods, dash, seat cushions. Note: Items damaged by water or foreign objects not covered.
  • 6 months: Paint or body finishes, seat coverings, floor mats, audio system, trim, electrical connections, solenoid, sensors, and Gorilla-added optional accessories (excluding sun damage).
  • No warranty: Regular wear and tear items such as fading from outdoor exposure, brake pads, tires due to improper alignment or excessive weight, decals, fuses, bushings, or items deteriorating under normal driving conditions.

All parts must be original company parts and within the warranty period.
Warranty does not apply in the following circumstances:

  • Damage caused by improper use or storage not in accordance with instructions.
  • Parts damage resulting from user disassembly or maintenance.
  • Parts damage, theft, or loss due to natural disasters or accidents.
  • Quick-wear parts such as bulbs, fuses, brake pads, glass products, connectors, etc., are not covered by the warranty.